Queen Legends Freddie Mercury and John Deacon’s Rare Dazzling Photo Revealed

The 50-year Grammy Award-winning rock band Queen has just updated its social media account with rare-known photo includes the band’s bassist John Deacon and legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury and celebrated the “Twos Day.”

In the photo shared by Queen taken in 1981, one of the greatest friends, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, were rocking on stage as always.

Queen put the following words in the caption of the photo: “Happy #TwosDay. Credit: Neal Preston, 1981. Copyright Queen Productions Ltd.”

Many fans expressed in the comments of the post that how the greatest musicians John Deacon and Freddie Mercury was. They also expressed that they still and always love the legendary musicians.

While a follower named Mondler Lover says, “Freddie is like the best person ever, i miss him so freaking much,” a fan named Valerie Dalby wrote, “Such such beautiful and talented boys..we miss you both and hope Mr. Deacon is happy and well.”

You can find the photo below.

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  1. A testament to crooning. With Freddie Mercury voice it could be in like a Lion and out like a lamb. Or in like a lamb out like a lion. When Mr, Mercury left us a vociferous extrapolation for singing was lost.

  2. I can’t believe I didn’t discover Freddie Mercury when I was younger I guess two kids in the 70s and 80s even though I love music I didn’t know that much about Queen as much as a Elvis fan I was seeing two of his concerts Freddie Mercury out did him talent-wise 200% after seeing Bohemian Rhapsody 20 + x I can’t get over it I finally discovered on YouTube watching his videos Rami Malek was good but Freddie was a lot more handsome and I can’t get enough of watching his tours I went on Amazon and got his videos I don’t want to just listen to the music I have to watch him and his moves I don’t know when I’ll get over not tearing up each time just thinking of that Talent of his then watching Barcelona gives me the chills and I tear up all over again my grandson would be having friends over night and I’ll be watching Bohemian again when it comes on TV crank it up to the hundred percent volume and it’s midnight they’re out sitting outside they probably think I’m nuts but maybe cool at the same time but I sure wish I would have discovered him earlier but watching the interviews and all about him I feel like he’s still around and now I’m starting to tear up again just thinking about what a great talent we lost to soon. Would love to see his statue it’s on my bucket list. I’m so glad of the movie or I wouldn’t have discovered him now I can’t get enough. I bartend and whenever I needed a pick me up I’d play his music on the jukebox, thank you again Freddy.

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