Queen Legend Brian May Sends A Powerful Support To Quarantined People

One of the successful guitarists in the rock community, Brian May, best known as the lead guitarist of the world-famous British rock band Queen, has just shared a new post on his official social media account and sent a support video for the quarantined people due to coronavirus.

After the coronavirus threat, musicians showed great sensitivity for people to stay at home and gave concerts for their fans through their social media accounts. Brian May was one of them.

In addition to his video, in the caption, he shared a touching letter for the quarantined people. You can read what he wrote for them below.

“In my living room at home – where else?! I seem to have most all my usual channels to entertain you… so maybe here on IG is the place to perform micro concerts across the ether. Is that a good plan?

“This is my contribution to the Common Good tonight. A raw cheer-up outburst. Living Room Rock! IG-ROCK! Is this the future? To all you folks out there feeling as disorientated as I do – let’s isolate together!!! And keep rockin’ together!! OK? With love. Yours truly.

“Your friendly neighbourhood chap who clearly imagines he’s in Hawaii!!! Apologies for the annoying opening ‘So’ – yes, I know. But my this was a big ‘SO!’ – so maybe I can be forgiven. It will be the last one – I promise. Thanks to LYNN from Hawaii for the colourful attire.”

The video was highly appreciated by many fans, and in the comments of the video, the fans thanked Brian May for such a beautiful behavior.

On March 19, 643 new cases have been confirmed in the UK. In the UK, with a total of 3269 cases, 144 deaths come off.

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