Queen Legend Brian May Breaks His Silence About Politics

Queen guitarist Brian May has recently shared a new letter through her social media account and shared his honest opinion about the leaders of the country.

In the photo Brian shared, there was a dinosaur, and it says, “Oh shit! The economy!” Also, Brian mentioned the campaign he prepared at election time a few years ago and also said that it would be great for people to vote according to their priorities.

He sent the photo with following letter: “This, to me, is a very profound comment, on the way our leaders reacted to the current terrible threat to humanity.

“Some years ago, at election time, I put together a campaign called ‘Bollocks to the Economy.’ Some people thought I was being frivolous. But this is exactly what I had in mind. It would be great if, at the next elections in all countries, we all thought about this, and voted according to our priorities.

“What matters most – the welfare of all creatures on Planet Earth? Or – Money? They say we all get the leaders we deserve. Somebody please tell me who to credit for this work.”

In the comments of the photo, many fans showed their support to Brian about the issue. Even they said how Brian was correct, they couldn’t stop their laughs about the content of the photo.

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