Ozzy Osbourne’s Recent Appearance Excited Fans About Future

Ozzy Osbourne excited his fans with a recent update he made on his official social media channels.

As some of you might know, Ozzy Osbourne has been working hard on his upcoming solo effort, which is a follow-up to his twelfth solo effort, Ordinary Man. Although his healths status has given him tough times, Ozzy has been showing off that he will not give up easily.

However, in his social media photo, Ozzy Osbourne was sitting on a couch. He was smiling while looking at the camera. His iconic cane was with him. Also, he was wearing a hat that had devil horns.

Posing happily for his lovely fans, Ozzy Osbourne captioned: “At the studio.”

At press time, the photo had more than 10k likes on Twitter. On Instagram, the photo has been liked by more than 200k people.

Ozzy Osbourne Thrills Fans On Future

As you know, Ozzy shows every time that health status won’t stop him.

Recently, he announced that he has been planning to release the reissue of his iconic sixth studio album, No More Tears.

The Prince of Darkness decided to release the reissue in honor of the album’s 30th anniversary.

The No More Tears reissue will be available as both an upgraded digital release and an LP edition. The releases will come as a two-disc set on black vinyl and as a Tower exclusive on heavyweight red and yellow vinyl. The releases will also have a special photo booklet.

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  1. Fuck off you bozo, u have no fucking clue , Mr.Ozzy Osbourne is the hardest working man in the metal business. Go fly a fucking kite you dumb ass pathetic Moran…


  2. No mention of touring I have tickets for Dublin rescheduled numerous times over the past 3 years doubtful it will happen

  3. Iv been a keen fan ov Ozzy since I met him at that little Stafford home. In the early 70s he’s still real good.. an still the legend he always was!.. hey we all get old . He will surprise ya yet again.. come on John giz another great album!!

  4. F@$& you michael your an idiot! This man has worked his tail off to do what he loves and we love him for it! If you don’t have anything positive to share then don’t share at all🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. Who is this Mayne guy? Well,, I have news for him… No offense sir, but you have no idea who Ozzy Osbourne is. Your insults are certainly not appreciated,and if you have nothing positive to say about the Godfather of Heavy Metal, it’s best to just not post your toxic comments on here. Ozzy is a legend,and is my idol.

  6. Not many musicians go 50 years and remain relevant. How do you feel about Mick Jagger who had a heart attack and went on the road?

  7. I love you , ozzy. You will always be a brother to me. Since I was in 7th grade 1982. I listened to your songs, I have you iconic tattoos that you have. Love you brorher.

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