Nergal Explains Why He Suggests Everyone ‘Go And Watch Metallica’

Nergal Explains Why He Suggests Everyone 'Go And Watch Metallica'

Behemoth star Nergal sent praising words for Lars Ulrich and his band Metallica, explaining why he suggests everyone go and watch the band while they are still touring.

If there’s one band that we believe has an inspiration and that we think changed thrash metal music, it’s Metallica. Still rocking its fans for about 41 years, the band is one of the best-selling artists in rock music, with its catalog including 10 studio albums. Throughout that huge musical journey, the band has won nine Grammy Awards from 23 nominations, which proves that they are one of the biggest rock acts.

The band released its debut studio effort around the time they fired Dave Mustaine back in 1983, named Kill ‘Em All. It was an acclaimed good review from critics. After that, the band continued to make albums without slowing down. Everything was going fine. The band had released Master Of Puppets, which is considered their first commercial success, and had become a world-famous band. Over the years, Metallica has continued to develop itself and has looked at music from a different perspective.

In a new interview with Rock Sverige, Nergal admitted that he wasn’t a big fan of Metallica when he was a kid, confirming that he became the biggest fan of the band suddenly. Elsewhere, he praised Lars Ulrich, saying that he is lucky to be friends with him and his bandmates.


“I remember when I was a kid, I wasn’t the biggest Metallica fan,” Nergal said. “I was more of a [Iron] Maiden fan and Sodom or something else.

“I always followed Metallica and I listened to them, but surprisingly, which is quite unexpected, I became the biggest Metallica fan for the last 15 years. The longer I’m around and the longer I see Metallica going and how well they’re doing, I’m more and more filled with fucking adoration for those guys.

“I’m lucky enough to be friends with Lars [Ulrich]. He’s an amazing human being. Super gentle and an amazing guy.”

Nergal Reveals The Reason Why He Suggests People Go To See Metallica

Later then, Nergal continued by naming the best song of Metallica in his opinion. Touching on the band’s latest effort, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, Nergal said Spit Out The Bone was a great piece of the album. He concluded by explaining why he suggests people go to see them while they still exist.


“Every time I see Metallica… most of the times I’m in the pit and that’s amazing,” he continues. “I think the last record [Hardwired… to Self-Destruct, 2016] is really a solid one. ‘Spit out the bone’ must be one of their best songs ever. I’m one of those guys. ‘Kill ém all’ is probably one of my favorites and ‘Master of Puppets’ and the last one. It´s a great record.

“I always say that Metallica is still around, and they’re in really good shape. They’re not the youngest dudes around, and I believe that they’ll go on for at least another decade, but I always tell everyone to fucking go and watch Metallica. Go and see Metallica because all those classic bands like Metallica, [Iron] Maiden, Guns N’ Roses… all those bands are going to be around for only a little bit longer. It´s going to be the longest farewell.

“Make sure to catch their set and support those bands. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Appreciate them while their still around and touring the world. I always go and see Metallica, Maiden, Guns N’ Roses.”

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