Nancy Wilson Recalls First Led Zeppelin Seeing: “Oh Dear, So Sexual!”

Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson recalled the day when she saw Led Zeppelin for the first time and how she reacted to them at the time.

During the newest appearance on 95.5 KLOS, Nancy was asked if she reveals how she met with Led Zeppelin and the boys. She remembered and said it was during their opening for a youth fair festival at Green Lake Aqua Theater in Seattle in 1969.

She Says Guys Were Doing Sexy Gestures

Led Zeppelin – (image credit: Dick Barnatt)

She recalled the atmosphere of the show and said it was a little bit risque because people were doing sexy gestures.

“Yeah, the first time we saw Zeppelin live – they were opening for like a fair, like a youth fair festival on a little stage called the Green Lake Aqua Theater in Seattle, just a little show outside with just like concrete benches,” he said.

“And they were amazing. But we were like, ‘Wow, that guy has his shirt open, and those guys are like doing sexy gestures, what’s going on with that? Wait a minute, that’s a little bit risque.'”

Nancy Says They Were So Sexual

Nancy – (image credit: Ethan Miller)

Later, Nancy continued her words by saying that they were so sexual.

“We were kind of young at the time when we saw it, we were kind of like, ‘Oh dear!’ And all these girls were just screaming because it was really something to see – so rock, so free, and so sexual, so we were like, ‘Oh, wow!’

“The next thing we knew, the album was out, and the next thing we knew, they were huge, and we got to go see them, I think it was at the Seattle Center the first time, I saw them about three times live, and they were just magical.”

“They Were So Good, Such A Good Band”

Led Zeppelin – 1969

Concluding her words about the memories, she stated that they were such a good band.

“They were just unbelievably cooler than cool. And they were androgynous, they were like wood nymphs on a big rock stage. They just had that whole magical Tolkien-esque spell-weaving capability to just make us create a spell and hold it there.

“Then they’d have lasers for ‘No Quarter’ that went straight over the heads of the audience, which at that time, everyone was smoking in shows, so the smoke would be rising through the green laser thing.

“It was just so trippy, and you felt like you were on drugs even if you weren’t. They were so good, such a good band. Then they’d walk out and sit on stools and play acoustic songs like ‘Going to California,’ and it was like, ‘What, they’re doing that too?'”

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