Dream Theater’s Mike Portnoy On Neil Peart: “I Will Miss Both Versions Of Him”

The American progressive metal band Dream Theater‘s 25-year drummer Mike Portnoy, who parted ways with the band in 2010, has just posted a new post through his social media account and expressed how he missed the Rush legend Neil Peart, who died at the age of 67 because of brain cancer.

In the new issue of Modern Drummer Magazine, Mike Portnoy opened himself about his hero Neil Peart and shared his thoughts after the passing of him. The first photo of collage was about that. As in the second photo, he showed his 2-page tribute for Neil Peart.

The caption of the post as follows: “Thank you Modern Drummer Magazine for the classy new Neil Peart tribute issue. Filled with so many amazing tributes by so many amazing drummers. And thank you TAMA Drums for the 2 page tribute from me to my hero.

“Funny to see the contrast in NP covers from both Prog Magazine and MD magazine (SWIPE): One showing the young, funny, long haired/mustached Neil and one showing the older, more stoic & serious, wise professor.

“I will miss both versions of him!”

Also, a fan named Agropio has commented on the photo and said he glad Mike for the tribute posts he shared for Neil after the passing of him. He added with saying that it helped a lot of them more than he can imagine.

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