Motley Crue’s Rare-Known Stage Photos Revealed

Recently, the heavy metal legends Motley Crue has updated its social media account with a repost and revealed the band’s rare-known photos taken during their 1984 show.

The photos originally revealed by the world-renowned photographer Gary Koelzer. In the caption of the photo, Gary said it’s weird to see the band’s bassist Nikki Sixx and the band’s drummer Tommy Lee without tattoos. Also, the band reposted his Instagram post and posted it while adding their comments.

Gary Koelzer sent the photos with the following caption: “Mötley Crüe May 8, 1984. Snuck my camera in my pant legs and shot some pretty cool stuff. I was 18, the Detroit Tigers were 35-5, the Fox Theater was a dump back then. But it was pure 80’s hair band rock and roll. It’s so weird to see @nikkisixxpixx and @tommylee without tattoos. Lol. These were shot on Kodachrome 64 and back then I probably had a Minolta X700. Lol #nikkisixx #nikkisixxpixx #vinceneil #tommylee #mickmars #mötleycrüe #motleycrue #thedirtmovie”

Motley Crue reposted it with the following comment: “Amazing pics from @garykoelzerphotography!”

The photos attracted great interest by the fans who saw them. They touched how skinny Vince Neil was.

You can see the photos below.

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