Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx Says Standing On Stage Tired With A Beer Belly Is Irresponsible Behavior

Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx Says Standing On Stage Tired With A Beer Belly Is Irresponsible Behavior

In a new interview with Fresh N’ Lean, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has opened up about the current state of his body shape and said that standing on stage tired with a beer belly is irresponsible behavior for artists.

Nikki Sixx is known for his bass career with his co-founded heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, which is a band that was firstly activated from 1981 to 2015 and later then announced its reunion in 2015. Debuted in 1981 with Too Fast For Love, Nikki Sixx appeared in the entire albums of Mötley Crüe. The band’s final album was released in 2008 and was titled Saints Of Los Angeles.

On the other hand, Vince Neil, who broke his ribs during a recent live performance, has been criticized harshly by Mötley Crüe fans due to his overweight causes to low performance. Also, after the band announced its reunion at the time, the band’s manager had admitted that some band members were joined by nutritionists and personal trainers to get in shape for Stadium Tour.

Previously discussed the possibility of a new Mötley Crüe album, the 62-year-old musician now talked about his current nutrition and his intense training regimen. Saying that health and exercise have become a big part of his life, he recalled the time he was drinking a lot of alcohol around the band’s Shout At The Devil album.

“My family is naturally, a lot of them, overweight,” he says. “I’m 195 pounds [and] six [feet] one [inch tall]. When I go into full cardio and light, medium weight, I’ll go down to about 185, but actually put a little bit of weight on. So I have to work really hard.

“My body wants to go 200 — it wants to do that. And it’s not necessarily for vanity reasons — I just don’t operate well; the machinery doesn’t operate well; I don’t think good; I don’t sleep good. So health and exercise has become such a part of my life.

“I think back, even around ‘Shout At The Devil’, I was drinking a lot of whisky back then, but I remember trying to get into sort of workout, training things to get ready for the tour. ‘Cause it takes it out of you onstage.”

Nikki Sixx Adds It’s Irresponsible To Standing With A Beer Belly On Stage

In the continuation of his words, Nikki told some words might be criticized from people. Mentioning that it’s irresponsible to go up on stage tired with a beer belly, Nikki said that exercise has been a huge part of his life.

“People come from everywhere to come see you play, and you just stand up there all tired with a beer belly,” Nikki reveals. “I mean, that’s irresponsible. There’s a million other bands that would like to have your job.

“It [exercise and health] has been a part of my life a lot. And now I try to eat right and try to get enough sleep.

“I try to keep an eye on all that stuff for my energy, because I’m constantly wanting to create stuff and then I’m gonna go on tour. So you can’t go too far down the rabbit hole. I’ve gotta stay on top of it or it directly affects everything.

“And you have a two-year-old [child], you get to the end of your day, and whether writing songs or doing interviews or being at work, and this little person needs your time, and I have four older children, and they need their time with their dad, and [spending] time with my wife and friends, you can’t run out of energy.

“So the working out and the fuel is super important.”

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  1. You go Vince do what you have to do you’re good in the whole band is I remember you in 1981 in I was in California at the time you guys were making it big

  2. How many singers are overweight, and can still belt out a tune. Look at Meat Loaf in his heyday, there’s lots of rockers who have aged, gained weight, and can still perform. I don’t really know what the issue with Vince’s voice is, but it may have more to do with forgetting the words, and blowing out his voice, and probably too much booze. But look at Paul Stanley, and David Lee Roth. They are in shape, but people say that they can no longer carry a tune.

  3. This fool is a fine one to be talking about someone being irresponsible and having irresponsible behavior

  4. Big,skinny, overweight, sickly thin doesn’t make up the fact that if you can’t remember the words, riffs or beats to keep time then just quit..STOP PLEASE!!! Your embarrassing yourself, the legacy that has been built and the music we all love. That goes for anyone, quit being in denial and take a good look at yourself. We as fans would rather you walk into the sunset LOUD AND PROUD instead of a tired joke. Let it go if it’s gone.
    Oh yeah Mr.Sixx, I respect you as the artist you are and are one of favorite bass players of all time, but to throw stones in glass houses is beneath you. Instead of taking a jab at Vince ,and you know you are, maybe you should help the guy. Now if you have tried and his ego won’t let you then…Mr. Neil you are being disrespectful to all of us and that’s not cool because we are the ones that made you. Thank you

  5. Vince. I’m 5’11” I Was 250 lbs 6 months ago. I did the keto thing and switched from dairy to unsweetened almond milk. I’m down 60lbs in 6 months!! I’m 59. You can do it bro, if I can, you can.!!

  6. Vince, I grew up listening to your music. I think u r sexy and talented. People change we can’t look and sound the same our whole lives. U have been thru hell and back. I may be a nobody but I still support u everyday. Good luck and wish I could see u in concert one day. All the best Michelle Denison xoxoxo

  7. Is it responsible behavior to actually die from an overdose of heroin and leave the hospital to get high again? Shut up Nikki, I hope the internet police jump in your crap with full force for “body shaming”. Dumbass.

  8. These comments baffle me. These people boo hooing because they perceive Sixx’s words to be picking on Vince. Well all I can say is.. if they were in fact aimed at him. So what! if a few well placed pokes at the pudge is what it takes to motivate to do something about it SO BE IT. (Did you people skip the part where he referenced himself?) And for those of you tossing pebbles at Sixx’s house… for a man who appears to have shed his shadows and OWNS them in a very public manner..you should check your reflections, put your pebbles in your pockets and keep your gaping suck holes shut. JMO 🙂

  9. After 40 years of being married to each other, I would still buy a ticket just to see them stand on stage together without killing each other. Ever since I saw Nikki with his pants on fire in a hit parader magazine I was hooked. Thank you guys for making my life worth jamming. I’m 52 now and even my kids still crank up Motley Crue. Do whatever the hell you want, I’ll be a loyal fan till check out time🤘

  10. Oh here come the word police!! That offemds some sweathog who doesn’t want to be healthy then by all means stay fat but the same right that gives you the freedom to stay fat and gross also gives him the right to criticize that’s what makes us Americans is the freedom to choose what we say and do so the word police can just have a big helping of STFU!!

  11. I love the crew. Vince listen to Nikki put it together and strut your stuff for us. We want to see you and mostly hear you!

  12. Motley Crue is one of my all time favorite bands. And after watching “The Dirt”, probably even more so, because it humanized you. Thankyou for giving all of us the gift of your music. Oh, & as far as the whole body issue thing goes, Do what makes you happy! You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to want it. When I look at you guys, (all of you), I see 4 very talented & sexy men that I admire & respect. Best wishes to all of you!

  13. Weight has nothing to do with voice many of the GREATEST singers were larger. The facts are Vince voice is gone an he’s forgotten the words to songs we fans will never forget. This is not something new. When I saw them on Carnival he was slipping so by saints and the end of the road it was sad. But I went to see Nikki, Tommy and Mick one last time plus the ageless Alice Cooper. So It’s time to get off Nikki and Vince bring in John and get this thing rolling even though thanks to Screwing over Nashville I won’t be there now.

  14. Motley Crue is my favorite Band of all time! You guy’s are still kickin Ass 40 years later! Nikki,Vince,Tommy & Mick you guy’s made Rock&Roll in my opinion! I can’t wait till you guy’s come to Cincinnati in 2022!
    I’m in recovery for three years now and Nikki you are a big inspiration to me all you guys are! Much love just a Crue fan till I die💯💯💯💪💪💪

  15. I don’t think Vince sounds good at all no more…I’m not out to bash him but it is what it is. What I don’t like are these bands that are old and can’t carry a tune no more that still go out every few years as a money grab..
    Not fare to the fans..

  16. HOW DUMB ARE ARE THESE IDIOTS IN THE COMMENTS THINKING HE’S TALKING ABOUT VINCE??? This article is worded to make you think he’s talking shit about Vince. Read the whole article and process it before you comment you old ass posers. Have you seen the other articles where he is defending Vince and getting a ton of shit for it?

  17. HOW DUMB ARE ARE THESE IDIOTS IN THE COMMENTS THINKING HE’S TALKING ABOUT VINCE??? This article is worded to make you think he’s talking shit about Vince. Read the whole article and process it before you comment you old ass posers. Have you seen the other articles where he is defending Vince and getting a ton of shit for it?

  18. Congratulations Nikki! For all of you fucking whining losers with your cowardice comments FUCK YOU! The man is trying to tell you how he is trying to better himself so he can perform better for all of us and all you can do is try to put him down. He doesn’t need to be a sneaky bitch and really be talking about fat vince. He will just talk to him in person if he has something to say about his fatness. So just be happy for him you bunch of ungrateful bastards!

  19. Instead of insults try some compassion for each other. I’m just glad you all are alive and as we get older well I have always loved you guys fat or skinny or whatever you guys should be happy to have survived the 80’sand are still a
    A Fin great band. And everyone needs to leave Nikki alone because he basically just wanting the band members to get in better condition. Hell it is a free speech country.so anyone has a basic right to say whatever they want so back off of Nikki. I love you guys ❤️ and I still think you are all out awesome band. And Nikki you look VERY GOOD you be you and I went to several concerts since I was 16 and you guys were the best concert ever

  20. To the comment about Nikki O.D.ing , no that wasn’t responsible or respectful to his fans totally right shame on him for being a attic, now comes the responsible and respectful thing he did for himself no one else but himself he got clean, so don’t throw that a man past cause I tell we all have one, I didn’t read into this to taking a punch at Neil, I took more that he wants Motley Crue as hole to get into the best shape possible so they can a show worthy of paying to go see. 2022 cant wait Motley Crue, Poison Def Leppard Cincy will be rock n rolling hell yeah. God bless every one, try to love everyone

  21. Vince never could sing, and Nikki couldn’t play the bass very well. They were cool and hip back in the day. Now they are older. I am worried one of them might break a hip on stage. Would Mick Mars be able to tour or play. Crue Rules. I wouldn’t pay $250 to see the dusty old Rolling Stones, I would not throw money away to watch a bunch of old guys, with a bunch of old guys, hatchet through the songs of my youth.

  22. Are people mental? Some of the comments are outrageous. Nikki talks about how its important to be in shape and gets told he has no room to say shit after a heroin overdose when he was young and wild. He has every bit of room to talk cuz he has been in bad health and rose above. He is very inspirational and in no means a “has been”. As far as Vince. He works out and has been. He’s human and has gone through shit that I’m sure has caused deep depression. But all peeps wanna do is talk shit and make a person feel even more like shit. He posts his work outs on Instagram. Until a person has walked in his shoes, you have no room to comment. And Nikki was not body shaming anyone. He was trying to be motivational and inspiring to those who feel they don’t have it in them. What’s wrong with people in this day?!? Positivity, peace and love to others goes a long way. Spreading hate to others is just a sign of hating yourself.

  23. Sorry, but I agree with Nikki. The fans are paying their hard earned money to see a “performance.” If your voice is no longer there due to no fault of your own, so be it. But, if you can’t respect the fans enough to rehearse the songs, get road ready so you’re not winded, then that sounds like you just want the paycheck from the fans wanting to relive their youth and glory days by going to a Crüe show. Robbing people and playing off of their nostalgia and not taking the time to get ready to tour is disrespectful to the die hard fans paying to see your fat a** perform.

  24. All these people here jumping all over Nikki need to realize something. These guys are family to each other. From Vince’s terrible accident with Razzel to Nikki ODing and getting high again, to Mick’s medical condition to Tommy’s jail time, they are all in this together. Every one of them has their own faults, but together they dominated the world of music. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid (almost 46 now) and after all I’ve seen listened to and read I wouldn’t doubt they would kill for each other if it came to that. Wasn’t a big fan of the Corabi years but it was still cool and I still went to see them. Even partied with them in Knoxville after the show! Don’t worry about “family squabbles it happens in every family, but at the end of the day they are still family!

  25. Just want to say rooting for you vince you are gorgeous and love your voice love u no matter what you look like. Just get in shape for you so you feel better come back and kick ass baby love u

  26. I listened to this entire interview and his comments had nothing to do with Vince Neil. He was talking about his own health and fitness. He was talking about how he has a tendency to put on weight if he doesn’t put in the work. He wasn’t bad mouthing anyone.

  27. I remember seeing motley crue when they were operating for ozzy 40 years ago and Vince couldn’t remember the words or keep time then. I’m sure partying was a part of it. But as a singer myself, it’s not that easy. Probably why so many chose to lip synch over the years. But the musicians screw up as well. You just don’t notice in the audience. No matter if a band had a good night or a bad night on stage, everyone still had a great time and they mostly left with huge smiles on their faces

  28. Nikki was FINE the last tour they did- the FINAL tour, but VINCE?? I dont think he was forgetting the words, he was running out of air, and could only sing 2-3 words and the next few he’d skip because he was short of breath and take a breath and sing another 2-3 words..It didnt take a genius to see how out of shape he was! No offense to Vince- I know he has suffered from depression off and on(Mostly ON) for a lot of years, and some depression meds can put weight on you… But I DO think if Vince DID have a daily workout plan , and a good diet, he could combat the weight issues from meds, and, surely feel better inside and out to boot! Vince should get with Nikki a few times a week and just workout- get to be good friends again, instead of distant friends you hardly talk to anymore, it’ll help the onstage dynamic too! I know Nikki is focused- when Nikki has his mind set to do something, he does it! He should help Vince along..😉 I wish the whole band the BEST of luck! I’ve loved Motley Crue since the 80’s, and I cant WAIT to see them play again!!
    Hey, NIKKI: How ’bout SIXX: AM!! Cant wait to see ya hit Dallas again, either- and I MEAN DALLAS ! NOT tge American Airlines center either! At my age, Man, I HATE fighting that kind of clusterf*** traffic and WAY overpriced tickets just to pay for the venue, you know how to handle that- just choose a Dallas date to play where thee AA Center is already booked and you wont be forced to play there, and I totally wish you would NOT play stinking Grand Prairie, NOT the Woodlands , NOT Ft. Worth, , C’mon! DALLAS fans love you , be it in the Crue or SIXX: AM , Dallas loves BOTH of your top of the heap bands! ❤😘

  29. I Luv Motley Cru..& all band members were bad ass then & still bad ass today..🥰😎😉😘🥳They Came out the year I was born 1981..😎🥰Keep On Rockn in the Free World!!! And health should always be important to everyone..😎🥰

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