Mötley Crüe legend Nikki Sixx celebrated the anniversary of ”Theater of Pain” in his latest photo on Instagram. He also mentioned several songs of the album.

Here’s what he wrote:

@motleycrue June 21 1985: 34 years since Theatre of Pain! 🎭
‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Smokin in the Boys Room’ were released as singles. Shooting the video for Home Sweet Home in Houston, Texas live at The Summit we performed the song twice to get enough footage. 🎬
MTV invoked the unwritten “Crue Rule”, dropping videos from eligibility on their request line after 30 days because #crueheads had Home Sweet Home as the most requested song for over three months! 🤘😂

#mötleycrüe #motleycrue #theatreofpain

You can see the post below:



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