Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee’s Surprising Shower Art Revealed

The 57-aged star Tommy Lee, best known as the drummer of the heavy metal band Motley Crue, has just sent a new post through his official social media account and showed the surprising shower curtain art which featuring him.

In the photo he shared, a cartoon version of the successful drummer Tommy Lee was drawn on a shower curtain. In the drawing, Tommy was wearing a green-black striped hat and glasses.

Tommy Lee has sent the photo with the following words: “I have achieved the pinnacle of success! I’ve done it kids… a shower curtain! Doesn’t get any bigger than this! Thank you all.”

In the comments of the photo, many fans joked about the drawing. They said he can see everyone in the shower naked.

While a fan named Reka writes, “Lol, to take shower behind Tommy Lee… Totally naked… Oh shit,” a fan Yöya Crüehead said, “Now you can see everyone naked lol.”

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