In a new appearance on Berklee Bass Webinar, the American rock band TOOL drummer Danny Carey has talked about the band’s new music thought and excited fans with his comments.

While he talks about the issue, Danny Carey said he hopes they’ll start some new Tool stuff in these quarantined times: “I’m hoping, during this downtime, as soon as we’re able, maybe we’ll get together – Justin and I, and Adam – maybe start hashing out some new Tool stuff in the meantime, maybe write another EP since we’re down and we can’t do anything else.”

He continued: “I’m just kind of waiting on that, you know, waiting around but – that’s all I’ve really got going on, you know?”

Tool has released its fifth and latest full-length studio album Fear Inoculum on August 30, 2019.

Danny Carey rocking the stage with the American rockers as a drummer since 1990.



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