Gary Holt Reveals The Life-Changing Decision Of Exodus’ New Record

One of the greatest musicians of the music community, Gary Holt, known for the guitarist of the thrash metal band Exodus, has just updated its social channels to give huge news about their new record and introduced the guitars that they use.

As many of you fans remember, Gary Holt shares posts with his bandmate Tom Hunting, the drummer of the Exodus, to give updates about their new record for a couple of months.

Recently, the 56-year-old musician posted new photos through his official Instagram account to make fans happy and gave new updates about their new effort. He revealed the guitars that he will use and said about the effort that it will be an epic.

Gary Holt included the following words in the caption:

“So it’s decided! These are the fine ladies and gentlemen that will accompany me to finish writing the new record followed by the recording, which for the first time in our careers (thanks to COVID) we have an open ended schedule, meaning we have as long as it takes to make this record exactly what we want it to be. Within reason of course! But drums will be set up the entire time, so new riffs and ideas can be explored and recorded at any time. This is gonna be epic. I’m very excited, don’t know if you’ve noticed! heading back to the mountains this week after final delivery of some gear I’m waiting on.”

In the comments of his social media post, many fans expressed their excitement and stated that they look forward to listening to the new effort.

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