Mike Portnoy Reveals A Heartbreaking Moment: “Sad Day In The Portnoy Household”

Ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has just updated his social media account with a new moment he lived during the quarantine process and revealed the feelings he felt after the minor changes he made in his office.

With the post he shared, the drummer was showing his fans that his decade-kit Siamese Monster has been dismantled by him for some free places in his office.

Mike Portnoy sent the following statement: “Sad day in the Portnoy household…my Siamese Monster which has been sitting proudly in my office for the last decade or so (the same kit from the SDOIT & TOT tours) has been dismantled and is going into storage…

“And no…I’m not selling it!!** Just making some breathing space in my office…kinda like quarantine clean up!”

As a response to him, many fans wrote how great drum kit it was.

Mike Portnoy, who we know with his admiration for Ramones, has recently shared a cover version of Ramones‘ “We’re A Happy Family” via his YouTube channel and named it “quarantine video.”

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