You’ve Never Seen RATM Star Tom Morello Like This Before

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has just updated his official social media account with a new post about coronavirus outbreak and joked about the current state of his appearance.

Due to the coronavirus threat, countless memes have been created from people who bored during quarantine caused by coronavirus outbreak. One of them was of course about the barbers and the style of people’s hairs.

With the recent post he shared on his Instagram account, Tom Morello used to share a hair meme to make followers laugh. In the meme, there were two separate ideas that a man stated four years apart.

While a man says, “What you liberal snowflakes don’t get is that life is hard and doesn’t care about your precious feelings,” in 2016, the same person said the following words in 2020:

“If i can’t get my hair done by a professional, I’m going to shoot the governor!”

When we look at the second photo of the post, Tom Morello‘s hair was long because he was wearing a wig. That pose made fans and his close friends laugh.

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