Mick Mars’ Rare Classic Car Pose Revealed By Motley Crue

The world-famous heavy metal band Motley Crue, who postponed its Stadium Tour due to the coronavirus pandemic, has just shared a new photo including Mick Mars and contacted fans with it.

Motley Crue, who shares photos from the band’s past every day, devotes today to Mick Mars. Recently, they posted a new tweet through their official Twitter account and revealed one of the rare-known poses of him.

In the photo, the band’s beloved guitarist was posing while leaning against a red car. While he was posing, Mick was holding his guitar and looking across to the camera.

When Motley Crue sent the pose, they added a UFO emojis, which became an icon for Mick Mars.

While Mick Mars‘ pose attracting huge interest from the fans, many of them said how a great guitarist he is. Also, a couple of them wrote that they were looking forward to seeing Motley Crue as soon as possible.

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