Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Talks On Retirement Decision – Will He Retire?

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, one of the people who take care of his health and body condition, talked about his retirement decision and answered when he finish his music.

In a new interview with Collider, Lars Ulrich opened up his retirement decision and plans and talked about how his current body and psychology reacts to his musical life during these difficult days. He also expressed his surprise about the band’s longevity and made huge comments.

Opening his retirement decision and answering when he finishes his music, Lars said that if his body does not cause any problems and continues to perform as on its first day, he will continue to music.

When the interviewer asked when he will retire and if he plan to dead in front of his drum kit, Lars replied:

“The spirit is still youthful. We still feel engaged and inspired and invigorated by the idea of playing music, by the idea of being in a band, by the idea of connecting with an audience.

“Who the fuck would’ve thought, 35 years ago, that we’d still be sitting here in the year 2020 releasing records and doing interviews, and at least up to 2019, playing gigs, and connecting with audiences all over the world. Nobody would’ve expected that!

“So I would say that if the necks and the knees and the elbows and the shoulders and the rest of the body parts hold up, then I still think we’ve got a good run. There’s certainly no shortage of enthusiasm or desire.”

Lars continued by remembering his Rolling Stones tour documentary watching and said that their longevity is another surprising act. He also admitted that they preparing for the new record and concluded his words with that.

“I can tell you last weekend that I was watching a Rolling Stones tour documentary on YouTube from their 1976 tour in Europe, and the whole theme of the documentary – there’s like 45 minutes in Belgium and it’s 1976, so most of the dudes in the Stones were probably 32 or 33 years old, give or take a year or two…

“And at that time, the main question being asked of all of them was, ‘How long do you plan to keep doing this? You’re 32 years old, leave it to the youngsters.’ That was 44 years ago, and The Stones are still out there loud and proud, and making audiences feel good.

“So I’d say that health issues and pandemics aside, we hopefully still have a good run, and we can’t wait to get back to making another record. Maybe our best years are still in front of us, hopefully.”

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