Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Explains The Mysterious Truth About Himself For The First Time

In a new conversation with “It’s Alive Exhibition,” Kirk Hammett, known as the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Metallica, has talked about the mysterious truth of himself and explained why he taping his picking hand.

While he touched on the issue, Kirk Hammett talked about the strings he plucked because he was pushing the guitar too hard.

“I’ve always plucked the strings really hard and banged on the guitar very hard when I’ve strummed or played, or whatever.

“And over the years, there’s these little lines that are on the side of my hand, and because of the bridge, a lot of its sharp angles, and just my style… they would break open and start bleeding.

“And when one of these lines would break open and start bleeding – if a guitar string got into that cut, it was like the worst paper cut in the world. And so, I started taping my hand just to prevent those cuts from happening.”

He then explained why he stopped using white tape and used transparent tape.

“I used to wear white tape, but it attracted too much attention. So, I switched to transparent tape but it swtill attracts a lot of attention – damn! But you know, sometimes I’ll jokingly say, ‘Oh, that’s my secret… to all my technique.”

Metallica has recently announced that they will be showing on their “Metallica Monday” that their House of Vans show, which held on November 18, 2016.


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