Metallica Members Kirk & Robert’s Doodle: Iron Maiden ”Killers” Cover

Metallica while playing in London, England on June 20 an interesting event occurred. Band members lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo came together and play Iron Maiden’sKillers”. They found this cover funny like all fans and shared it under the name of ”doodle”.

At the beginning of the video, James Hetfield firstly calls Robert and then Kirk Hammett. For Robert he said ”London you know my friend Rob, say hi Rob!”. For Kirk ”And my other friend, other brother right there. Mr. Kirk ‘The Ripper’ Hammett”. When Kirk walking to stage James yelling ”Hey Kirk whatsup! Cool guitar.

When they get on the stage, Robert turns to Kirk and ”We’re taking over the party, right Kirk?”. Kirk responds by saying ”party time!!!”.

Here’s Robert and Kirk’s doodle:

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