Metallica’s Jason Newsted Gets Angry At People Who Mocked Him: “Lemmy Played Bass With A Pick”

In a new appearance on Palm Beach Florida Weekly, former American heavy metal band Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has broke his silence about the people who mocked him for playing bass with pick and told that Motorhead legend Lemmy Kilmister played bass with a pick.

While he explains the issue, he touched The Beatles star Paul McCartney and praised him. He mentioned to him by saying that he is the most successful bassist of all time plays left-handed.

“Lemmy played bass with a pick, and I played bass with a pick. And I got made fun of for playing bass with a pick.

“Back in the day, I wish I had the answers now when somebody talked shit like that. The most successful bassist of all time plays left-handed, and his name is Paul McCartney. He’s the only billionaire bassist that ever lived. He played with a pick.”

Jason continued his words by giving KISS guitarist Gene Simmons and ex-band Metallica‘s fifth studio album, The Black Album, as an example.

“Gene Simmons is pushing a beat; 840 million. He plays with a pick. Metallica, 100 million records sold. The ‘Black Album’ is one out of four all-time that’s been on the Billboard charts 500 weeks or more. So this guy played with a pick, too.”

Jason Newsted has rocked the stage with the heavy metal legends Metallica from 1986 to 2001. He has appeared in the band’s 1988’s “…And Justice for All,” 1991’s “Black Album,” 1996’s “Load,” and 1997’s “Reload” albums.

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