Mark Tremonti Reveals The Hardest Alter Bridge Song to Play

Alter Bridge guitarist and one of the founding members of the band, Mark Tremonti, has recently appeared on Guitar World and discussed the hardest Alter Bridge song to play. According to him, the song hurts the wrist and fingers.

When Mark mentioned the issue, he said:

“‘I Know It Hurts’ is the toughest thing for me to play rhythm-wise and lead-wise.

“I always find I can get the positions right at first and then, as the title suggests, it actually starts to hurt because you have to hold the positions and it hurts the wrist and fingers.

“‘Before every record, I will dig as hard as I can on any new technique I’ve been working on in order to introduce new things – that way I can avoid repeating and regurgitating the same licks.”

Mark also touched on the making process of the record and stated that it was the song that he spent all night thinking about.

“When making that record, I stumbled on this Guthrie Govan ascending legato string-skipping extravaganza that clearly I felt good enough to tackle that day.

“It felt like the hardest thing I could do and a way of making myself better – because I knew I’d have to practice hard to do it live.

“That ascending legato lick is a page taken out of Guthrie’s book, and as we all know, he’s pretty much the most terrifying shredder ever to have existed.

“When we filmed that one live, it was the song I spent all night thinking about.”

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