Mark Morton Discusses How The Genre Confusion Affects Him

During a new radio podcast with Full Metal Jackie, Mark Morton, the lead guitarist of the American heavy metal band Lamb of God, which formed in Virginia in 1994, has talked about how the genre confusion affects him.

When the interview said, “You built your career on aggressive and heavy music. How has writing and playing acoustically challenged your sensibilities as a musician?”, Mark replied:

“Over time my shift in songwriting has been from writing the riff to writing the song. Even in the course of Lamb of God, I still write a lot of riffs for the band and the songs are composed of that, but it’s less about the guitar part now and more about the overall song composition.”

He continued: “In that sense, as I’ve matured as a player, I’ve become more of a songwriter. Hopefully that’s reflected in some of the solo stuff too. It’s really just continuing that pursuit of trying to grow as a songwriter because that’s really where it’s at for me these days is the song.”

Mark Morton has released his latest solo EP Ether on January 17, 2020, via Rise Records. The EP includes 5 tracks in total, and it also features the surprise appearances by Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, Moon Tooth’s John CarboneKillswitch Engage’s Howard Jones, and Sons of Texas’ Mark Morales.

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