Lordi Legend Shares Exciting News About KISS: “It Doesn’t Mean That It’s The End Of KISS”

The Finnish musician Mr. Lordi, best known as the lead vocalist of the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, has talked about the “End Of The Road World Tour” of KISS and shared his opinion about it.

While the successful singer talks on the issue, he stated that KISS is the main influencer of him during his music career.

“I would be stupid to deny that KISS is the main influence for me personally, he said. We wouldn’t be doing this interview right now without the influence of KISS on me.”

He continued: “It is their final tour, but it doesn’t mean it is the end of KISS. You know, you have to – as a KISS fan, you learn to read the media and also you learn to read KISS, what they’re saying and what exactly they are not saying.”

He also said that the final tour doesn’t mean that the end of the rock band KISS. We can saw them on the other projects.

“They are saying it is the end of touring, but it’s not – it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of KISS. Mark my words.”

Mr. Lordi rocking the stage with Lordi since 1992.


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