Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls The Rare Words That Dave Grohl Told Him

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has just appeared on his social media to remember the special show he played with the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium in 2008.

Recently, the successful musician added a new story to his daily OnThisDay series and took fans back to the great show he played with Foo Fighters after their O2 show.

In the photo shared by him, Jimmy Page was posing on stage with John Paul Jones, Taylor Hawkins, and Dave Grohl.

Jimmy Page included the following words to remember those days: “On this day in 2008, I performed at Wembley with Foo Fighters. During the post-O2 period, I had been playing new material with Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones at rehearsal rooms.

“I was asked to play with the Foo Fighters at Wembley. This was after the Led Zepplin show at the O2 attended by Dave Grohl. John Paul Jones and I played ‘Ramble On’ and Dave sang with Taylor Hawkins on drums. Then Taylor swapped drums with Dave and he sang ‘Rock and Roll’. ⁣

“Dave Grohl said, ‘You guys should come to the States and record with us.’ I didn’t hear anything more from Grohl, and John Paul Jones’ communications seemed to dim. The next I heard, they were promoting their new group⁣.”

The story attracted huge interest from the fans and followers.

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