Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls Steven Tyler’s Playing RHCP Album

The 76-aged music legend Jimmy Page, who achieved international success as the guitarist of the Led Zeppelin, has just added a new moment to his official ‘OnThisDay’ story series and took fans back to the special moment he lived with Aerosmith legend Steven Tyler.

With a recent Instagram post, Jimmy Page shared a new story from his archive and revealed a rare story to fans by taking back them to 1990. The story was about his and Aerosmith‘s guesting to Monsters of Rock Festival. He was talking about his travel with them and Steven Tyler‘s playing Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

Jimmy Page wrote the following story to take fans back to that moment:

“On this day in 1990, I guested with Aerosmith at Donington at the Monsters Of Rock Festival.⁣

“I travelled with Aerosmith in their tour bus to and from the show. All of the time on the bus was spent chatting and exchanging stories and at one point Steven Tyler played me the current RHCP album and there was much enthusiasm and discussion about music on that journey.⁣

“Whenever I guested with Aerosmith we would always play ‘Train Kept A Rollin’ because we all had history with that song. I played on ‘Walk This Way’ as well!⁣⁣”

While story attracting great interest from people who follow him, many of them thanked Jimmy Page for the stories he shared ever day.

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