Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls His ‘Holloway Prison’ Show

The legendary guitarist and Led Zeppelin founder Jimmy Page has recently shared a post on his Instagram account and recalled his Holloway Prison show, which he played with Neil Christian and the Crusaders.

Jimmy Page, who tells us almost every day that what he lived in the past with his special ”OnThisDay” hashtag, has this time took us back to 1961. In the article he wrote, Jimmy Page stated that they had visited the governorship and that the governor asked them to make a promise.

Here’s the article Jimmy shared:

“On this day in 1961, I played Holloway Prison with Neil Christian and the Crusaders.

During my time with Neil Christian and the Crusaders, the band had somehow managed to get a booking to do a concert at Holloway Women’s Prison, London. Before playing we had to go to the Governor’s office where she asked us to give our word that if we knew anyone on the inside, we would keep it a secret on the outside.

We played a show to the inmates, who were dressed in washed-out yellow, green, blue and red faded floral print dresses and wearing homemade mascara, using the charcoal from burnt matches.

After the show, it became evident that quite a large percentage of the women enjoyed themselves as, by the time we got back to the Governor’s office, we could hear the prisoners rioting, but strangely the Governor appeared oblivious to the hubbub!”

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