Lars Ulrich Is Proud Of His Son’s Band Taipei Houston

Lars Ulrich Is Proud Of His Son's Band Taipei Houston

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has just added a new photo to his official Instagram account to celebrate his son Myles‘ birthday, praising them because of their work on their band Taipei Houston.

Taipei Houston is a new band launched by the Ulrich BrothersMyles and Layne Ulrich, who are the son of Metallica co-founder Lars Ulrich. There is no doubt that their father, heavy metal legend Lars Ulrich, led them to expose their passion for music. Playing its first-ever show this past September at Alex’s Bar in California, the band has been active and creating new stuff for their fans since September 2021.

One of those founding members, Myles Ulrich spent time at Berklee College Of Music. Following in the footsteps of his father, Myles is currently the drummer of the band. Although it was not easy to be a son of the drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, who is an important part of one of the best heavy metal bands in the world, Taipei Houston easily got positive reviews from critics.

However, recently, Lars Ulrich sent a special message to his son Myles Ulrich by using his social media account. Writing heartwarming words for his son, Myles, Lars also praised his sons mentioning their band, Taipei Houston.

(image: Lars Ulrich IG)

“Warface nation in full effect,” Lars captioned.

“Happiest Birthday Myles! Another loop around the sun, 24 in total. Lotsa attitude, ability, determination, drive, good vibes and positive energy accompany you on your path forward thru life and proud to see you being out there making shit happen and the results of all the hard work and efforts with @taipei_houston coming to fruition.

“Love ya Mman!”

Lars Ulrich Praises Taipei Houston


In 2020, Lars Ulrich once again praised his sons Taipei Houston during his interview with Rolling Stone. He said “this insane, three-minute Blue Cheer, crazy, garage-rock version of ‘Eleanor Rigby’.

“Obviously, there’s been some incredible versions of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ along the way, but I’m pretty sure there’s never been one that had this kind of sound, this kind of feel, this kind of energy and madness to it. I was, like, ‘You know what, boys? You done me proud.’”

In June 2022, Taipei Houston members Layne & Myles Ulrich interviewed with Concert Pipeline to discuss their band’s future. They announced at the time that the debut album of the band “is done.”


“We wrote the majority of an album which we’ve now finished, and we’re kind of figuring out how to play it all live because we just recorded all of it,” Myles Ulrich said.

“And because we both play so much guitar and all the instruments, it was, like, ‘Why don’t we just scale it back and make it a crazy two-piece thing instead of trying to find more people that you jell with and that the vibe is right? Why don’t we just keep it simple and weird?’”

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