Ex-Metallica Bassist Reveals Metallica’s San Francisco Move Rare-Known Moments

On his conversation with Metallica‘s one of the biggest fan pages BookOfMetallica, Ron McGovney, the original bass guitarist of the American heavy metal band Metallica, has talked about the band’s San Francisco move and that Cliff Burton’s joining to the band.

While BookOfMetallica, who reveals the unknown moments in Metallica history almost every day and brought them together with the fans, shared the importance of today, they mentioned Cliff Burton‘s decision to join Metallica and the band’s moving to San Francisco. Ron replied to the tweet shared by BookOfMetallica and revealed unheard moments for the first time.

When BookOfMetallica said, “February 15th, 1983: Metallica decided to move to San Francisco, as Cliff Burton only agreed to join the band if they’re willing to move out.” Ron wrote:

“I’m not sure how this date was made their decision to move date. I knew what was happening with Cliff on my last trip to S.F. with the band in November of 82. I told them to take their equipment from my house in early December of 82. I was of no use to them anymore.”

Also, a fan supported Ron and said, “Well to the fans, you were needed and a huge part of what made Metallica. I appreciate everything you did and still share. Thank you.”

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