Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia Shares An Important Statement For Coronavirus

One of the greatest female musicians, Cristina Scabbia, best known as the vocalist of the Milan-based gothic metal heroes Lacuna Coil, has just updated her official social media account and shared an important statement for the coronavirus.

“We are all facing a very strange, never happened before, moment,” she wrote in the statement she shared. “This virus is NOT like a common flue and spreads FAST.
It is crucial now to protect ourselves in order to protect the lives of the loved ones and the weakest ones and to help our health system that is collapsing because there will not be space for everyone soon in health cares.”

She continued: “We send our love and support to all our doctors, nurses and volunteers that are exhausted and are working hard for all of us.

“We cooperate in this quarantine, STAYING IN OUR HOMES. We are a community, a family and we have to collaborate to get out, ALL TOGETHER. WE DON’T GO OUT… TO GET OUT OF IT!”

Also, in the comments of the photo, Cristina answered some fans’ warns. When a fan named Erin Masuda told Cristina that she should be careful, Cristina replied: “Over there as well! Much love!”

The first case in Italy appeared on February 15. Also, In Italy, the number of known coronavirus cases had reached at least 18000, the total number of deaths reached 1266 people.

In early March, Lacuna Coil have announced that they forced to cancel their shows in Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, and Jakarta due to coronavirus threatening.

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