KISS’s Gene Simmons Shares A Bizarre Meme to Touch The Importance of Masks

Gene Simmons, the bassist of the rock band KISS, has spoken out about the importance of wearing masks amid the ongoing coronavirus plague and called people to understand why they should wear masks.

Although all experts and scientists shout by saying that people should wear masks to protect them from each other, some people still refuse to wear masks outside.

With the recent Twitter post, after a fan’s question, Gene Simmons, aka The Demon, broke his silence about those irresponsible guys. When his follower asked, “Why do you have to mandate what is obviously a personal choice?”, Gene replied:

“We all have to stop at a red light. That’s because if we don’t, it, it would effect others. Jets don’t allow smoking. Even if you don’t feel like it…Wearing a mask, protects others from YOU…Even if you don’t feel like it.”

Later, a follower sent a meme as a response to those words. In the meme, there were three photos, and it was writing, “Let me explain! If you walk around nude, and someone pees on you, you’ll get wet. If you wear pants, and someone pees on you, you’re partially protected. If the guy peeing also wears pants, he pees in his pants, and you don’t get wet.” Gene Simmons responded:

“THIS is by far, the best explanation of why we should all wear masks. And, put a smile on your face. Be kind to others.”

Finally, he also said, “I wish you well and hope Covid never hits you…Still, you have to wear a seat belt, even if you think it’s not necessary. Good luck!”

You can find the tweets below.

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