Nita Strauss Sends Her Support To Alice Cooper’s Huge Campaign With An Extraordinary Pose

The talented 33-aged guitarist Nita Strauss, also known with her 6-year effort with the rock legend Alice Cooper since 2014, has just sent her support to Alice Cooper‘s huge campaign about togetherness and posted a selfie with a sign writing “hope.”

Recently, through his social media channels, Alice Cooper has launched a campaign by using his upcoming track “Don’t Give Up,” which will be unleashing on May 15. For join the campaign, the only thing you have to do is take a photo or video with a sign that includes a word from the upcoming track. If you do this, you could be in the final video.

When she sent the photo, Nita Strauss informed fans on how to sent a photo or video to join the campaign. She also stated that she won’t submit a picture, just want to send support.

Nita Strauss wrote the following words in the caption of the photo: “There’s a new @alicecooper song coming May 15 and YOU can be in the video for it!! That’s it! I’m not submitting a picture of course but I wanted to play anyway. #alicecooper #dontgiveup.”

You can find the pose shared by Nita Strauss below.

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