Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Talks New Album And Perspective On Life

Rob Halford

Recently, heavy metal royalty, Rob Halford, sat down for an interview with Metal Pilgram to discuss Judas Priest’s latest album “Invincible Shield” and a life well lived.

It’s not uncommon to believe most celebrities and rock stars are out of touch with reality. Many are, but Rob Halford is NOT one of those people. The heavy metal vocalist spoke openly and honestly about his music career, his perspective on life, and his being thankful for all he has.

“I’ve said again a million times we’re nothing without our fans. Our fans have given us this life and because we have this love and support throughout the worldwide Metal Community. You make things happen you make a band like Judas Priest want and desire to make another album for you and for us together to keep this unity and metal faith alive and thriving.”

Halford remains grounded and in touch with his legions of fans after all these years. A truly remarkable feat the Metal God doesn’t take for granted.

“We’re still relishing in the adventure that we can create with our Metal under the banner of Judas Priest. We thought long and hardworking with our label on how to present the first opening salvo from Priest in Invincible Shield and to set the record up. The band that will still take you on a complete adventure within the structure of an album you have to digest the entire album to get the message of this Judas Priest in 2024, with all of the elements and components of Invincible Shield.”

On creating new music for over a half-century, Halford speaks with a youthful enthusiasm we can all envy. “It’s a wonderful place of joy and excitement and all of the attributes of what Heavy Metal makes you feel.”

“What’s beautiful about the pureness of music, regardless of whether you can understand the words, it’s the feelings that it gives you. Music is all about feelings and connecting with your feelings and your emotions. And…it’s just this beautiful acceptance of the power of the music, the power of the Metal.”

The new album reveals a deeper look into Halford’s perspective on life.

“Humanity is just quite profound on this record and I don’t know whether it’s because of where I am in my life as an old Metalhead. I’ve lived for almost 73 years and you should at this point have a better perspective and better wisdom and knowledge with what life has given you. That’s got to creep into your art. That’s got to creep into your music. There’s an absolute fact I’ve witnessed it in myself.”

“Metal is all about giving you the time of your life, the best feelings the escapism you know putting the shit of the day to one side and banging your heads together! I love that! That is an important virtue of everything that we’re doing, regardless of how deep you want to go with it you know but I do love all the personal expressionism throughout this album.”

The tracks on “Invincible Shield” yield a more unifying theme of life.“Escape From Reality” references going back to fix things from the past which is kind of a personal observation on things we do in life.”

“Crown of Horns” touches on “whatever you dreamed for to get to this place of love and again acceptance and finding the important virtues… that’s a deep thing you know. Really looking at the harder, tougher side of life but not giving in because we’re all always talking about again reaching for the stars and finding salvation. And you can put that context into any walk of life. Whether you’re talking about finding the love of your life, or the structure of your family or in the Ukraine sense the great challenges that you’re dealing with and the victory that will eventually arrive.”

Rob continues to credit others with for Judas Priest’s success. While working with Andy Sneap on this album, Halford confesses he still struggles to like the sound of his voice.

“I can’t stand the sound of my voice! I just cannot get into a place of peace with it, I’m just always struggling to accept that this is the best I can do.”

He credits Andy with pushing him to get the best from his performances.

“He knows me well enough now. To really, you know, pull out extract it out of me. To get the best possible events to take place. But when I’m hearing the guys there, that’s all I need when I put the cans on and I go in front of the microphone terrified. The guys are just lifting me up. The guys are just really pushing me through.”

During the interview, he takes the spotlight off himself and shines it on the other band members.

“The guys are just playing with so much power and intensity. Everybody listen to what Ian’s doing, listen to all the bass work! It’s just so thrilling you know!”

“Glenn [Tipton] worked really hard with Richie [Faulkner] because Parkinson’s has robbed him of his skills in some dimensions of the guitar. Richie did a wonderful job in homaging Glenn’s phasing. Glenn’s playing on a number of the tracks on this album exclusively, it’s him playing, and some of the lead breaks too, but Richie is picking up where he needs to to make Glenn’s voice heard through the guitar, and he’s done a remarkable job.”

“Invincible Shield” release date is schedules for March 8, 2024.

Album tracks:

  1. Panic Attack
  2. The Serpent And The King
  3. Invincible Shield
  4. Devil In Disguise
  5. Gates Of Hell
  6. Crown Of Horns
  7. As God Is My Witness
  8. Trial By Fire
  9. Escape From Reality
  10. Sons Of Thunder
  11. Giants In The Sky

Deluxe edition bonus tracks:

  1. Fight Of Your Life
  2. Vicious Circle
  3. The Lodger

Judas Priest’s 2024 “Invincible Shield” Tour Dates:

04/18 – Wallingford, CT @ Toyota Oakdale Theatre
04/19 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center
04/21 – Reading, PA @ Santander Arena
04/24 – Bangor, ME @ Cross Insurance Center
04/25 – Boston, MA @ MGM Music Hall at Fenway
04/27 – Youngstown, OH @ Covelli Center
04/28 – Indianapolis, IN @ Everwise Amphitheater at White River
05/01 – Rosemont, IL @ Rosemont Theatre
05/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Armory
05/04 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Wings Event Center
05/05 – Maryland Heights, MO @ St Louis Music Park
05/07 – Huntsville, AL @ VBC Propst Arena
05/09 – Daytona, FL @ Welcome to Rockville
05/11 – Alpharetta, GA @ Ameris Bank Amphitheatre
05/12 – Mobile, AL @ Mobile Civic Center Arena
05/14 – Charlotte, NC @ PNC Music Pavilion
05/17 – Evansville, IN @ Ford Center
05/19 – Washington, DC @ The Theater at MGM National Harbor
05/21 – Albany, NY @ MVP Arena
05/22 – Syracuse, NY @ Empower Federal Credit Union Amphitheater at Lakeview

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