RHCP’s Flea Shares An Emotional Letter In Honor Of His Music God

The 57-year-old musician Flea, known for the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has just updated his social media with an emotional letter and celebrated his music hero Lee Morgan’s birthday.

With a recent photo he shared on his official Instagram, Flea sent his respect to the successful trumpeter and shared a photo of Lee Morgan, who died at the age of 33.

In the letter he sent, Flea was touching the success of Lee Morgan. He said he has given hope to him. Flea also touched his favorite Lee Morgan album.

Flea wrote the following words to celebrate his birthday:

“Today I celebrate the birthday of my hero, Lee Morgan. His deeply funky, harmonically inventive, rocketing, thrilling, sexy, trumpet playing has given me hope time and time again. The sound! The joy! The pain turned into art!!!

“It seemed he lived many lives, he was child prodigy, famous jazz star, then a down and out drug addict, only to be reborn like a lotus flower out of the thick muddy sludge to make another series of incredible records and concerts through the the late sixties. He did it all before he was shot dead by his common-law wife in a club where he was performing at the age of 33. Slugs Saloon in NYC.

“My favorite album of his is The Procrastinator, but they are all great, check out Cornbread and The Sidewinder. Let it flow through you, and we will be connected.

“Happy birthday Lee. You live forever.”

Under his social media post, many fans mentioned how a great musician Lee Morgan was. Many of them have also sent their good wishes to Flea.

Here’s his social media post:

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