KISS’s Gene Simmons On Current Health: “Thanks To The Vaccine, I’m Really Fine”

KISS bassist Gene Simmons has just shared an update about his current state of health and tweeted that he feels really fine thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine.

As some of you remember, Gene Simmons had announced on Tuesday that he contracted positive for COVID days after his bandmate Paul Stanley. When KISS announced Stanley‘s test result, they’d told at the time that all crew members were fully vaccinated and tested negative.

However, recently, Gene Simmons has informed KISS fans about his current health. Defending vaccines for a long time, Simmons said that he feels fine thanks to the vaccine. Simmons has also urged everyone to get vaccinated.

“During my quarantine – thanks to the vaccine, I’m really fine,” Simmons said. “Thanks you for asking. My security guy bought me this comic, which was in the display window of a comic book store. KISS Comics Monthly. Get em!”

Encouraging people to get vaccinated, Simmons, who’s been criticized by fans because defending vaccines, was achieved a message that says he caught COVID although he’s vaccinated. Simmons commented to a person who said to him that and said vaccines are minimalizing the effects of the virus.

“Joe, vaccine protects you about 95%,” Gene said. “However, you can still get Delta Covid variant. I did…But the effects are minimal, if you’ve been vaccinated twice. Without vaccine = hospital, pain and maybe death. Do your research. You’ll come off much brighter.”

Gene Simmons Struggles With Fans Who Thinks Vaccinated People Should Not Wear Mask

Shortly after it was announced that Gene Simmons has contracted for COVID, people started to send him some comments via his Twitter account.

Recently, Simmons has shared a tweet that said people should wear masks even if they’re vaccinated. After his tweet, a fan responded to him and said he should stop saying this. He also asked him that why he wears a mask if he was vaccinated.

“You’re not bright,” Gene Simmons answered him.

After that, a fan asked Simmons that why he keeps going on saying wearing a mask is important, although there are some illnesses including mental health, homelessness, cancer, starvation, and more.

“Well Blockchain or whatever your name is, worldwide Covid infection is 218 million,” Gene Simmons replied. “That’s 200,000,000 individual human beings. Besides the ones who have sadly passed on, the rest suffer with excruciating pain, some with tubes down their throats and so on…That’s why, Genius.”

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