KISS Star Paul Stanley Breaks Silence On Police Brutality: “I’m Disgusted”

The American rock band KISS guitarist Paul Stanley broke his silence on the police brutality and criticized the insensitive people in the recent statement he sent through his social media.

After George Floyd’s recently killed by a white police officer, the whole world cursed racism once again. According to the bystander’s video, an officer continued to press handcuffed George’s neck even after George pleaded that he could not breathe and stopped moving.

Recently, the successful musician took to his social media to curse the racism and warned people to do better. When Paul sent the statement, he stated that he was uncomfortable because of the recent incidents that happened a while ago.

Paul Stanley’s words which curses racism are as follows: “I’m disgusted and demoralized by the recent videos and incidents of blatant bigotry, racial profiling and what clearly appeares to be the cold blooded muder of a black man. The sensee of fear, targeting and lack of justice for perpetrators that is a never ending part of daily life for black people is beyong my ability to imagine.

“When an armed mob of white people can storm a government building without repercussions or consequences it takes little imagination to foresee the outcome of that same scenario if the crowd had been black. Too many have lost focus on what is illegal and become completely blind to what is immoral. We have to be better than that.”

As a response to Paul Stanley, many people stated that he is right. They agreed with him and sent their supports to his words.

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