Halestorm Star Lzzy Hale’s Powerful Letter For Quarantine Days Revealed

The world-star successful singer Lzzy Hale, best known as the guitarist/lead vocalist of the American rock band Halestorm, has just sent a letter for the people about the quarantine days and stated that we can use that time for discovering ourselves.

In the letter he shared, Lzzy told people that they could draw pictures even if they were not artists, play an instrument even if they were not musicians, and dance even if they don’t see themselves as dancers.

“It’s important to remember, that we are more than the walls that confine us,” she wrote in the letter he shared. “Art is truly the greatest way to escape those walls. Put on a record today. Listen to an album you haven’t in a while, or one that’s a guilty pleasure of yours. Draw something, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Play an instrument, even if you don’t consider yourself a musician. Dance, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer. Think about this time as a time of discovery, free of judgment or boundaries. Nothing is holding you back. You are, and always have been the one you’ve been waiting for.”

The fans supported Lzzy Hale on her caption and thanked her for her help.

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