KISS’ Gene Simmons: “We Should Do Everything To Punish Putin”

KISS' Gene Simmons: "We Should Do Everything To Punish Putin"

KISS icon Gene Simmons has broken his silence about Russia and Ukraine crisis and slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he has clearly gone off the rails.

Gene Simmons is one of the anti-war musicians in the rock and roll community. Known for his peaceful lifestyle and tough attitude to violence, Simmons has been trying to become a better person every day. Although he is known for his worldwide work with KISS, which includes 20 studio albums, 9 live albums, and 14 compilation albums, Simmons is aware of most of the issues on the agenda and has an opinion on all of them.

For a while, there is a crisis between Russia and Ukraine that threats world peace, which officially began when Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in the east of Ukraine on February 24. During the ongoing war, thousands of people have been injured and passed away from both sides. As a result of Russia‘s attack against Ukraine, the country has been subjected to sanctions.

Recently, Gene Simmons made an appearance on Chief Chat to discuss the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. Saying that the world is full of good people, he added there are bad ones as well. He sent his heart to Ukrainian people who are denying to accept the invasion. Detailing the war, Simmons mentioned his speech with his friends in D.C. and admitted that young Russian soldiers didn’t even know they were going across to Ukraine.

“The world forever will be filled with good people and there are gonna be some bad people,” Simmons says. “My heart goes out to the people in the Ukraine who are bravely not lying down and trying not to inflame the conversation because Mr. Putin has clearly gone off the rails.

“I feel for those Russian young soldiers, who, by the way, were not told — I have some friends in D.C., and we’ve had discussions — they weren’t told they were going across the Ukraine. It was just a military exercise. Some of them thought they were war games, so they were totally unprepared for what’s happening.”

KISS Star Gene Simmons Adds ‘People Should Do Everything To Punish Putin’

Gene Simmons then shared his honest feelings on Vladimir Putin, saying that he is one of those mass murderers, despots, and dictators. Expressing his sadness for the Russian people, Simmons stated that people should do everything to punish Vladimir Putin. Concluding, he once again sent good wishes to the Ukrainian people.

“Look, there’s no simple answer, but if America wasn’t here as a deterrent, let’s say, even if it comes down to the extreme of nuclear apartheid, the world would be a different place, unfortunately, because even people who you sit across and have discussions with can turn into despots and dictators and decide to exert their will over others,” Simmons continued.

“I’m using very soft language. What it really means is they become mass murderers because they want certain things. And Putin has joined that club, unfortunately, and I hope it can all come to a peaceful end.

“Now, in the meantime, we should do everything to punish that guy and the oligarchs and everybody else. But, of course, the by-product of that is innocent people in Russia have to bear the brunt of that — higher prices, the ruble is worth next to nothing.

“And so everybody suffers because one asshole decides he wants to do something like this. It’s devastating. I don’t even know how to respond.

“But only the military and the brave people of Ukraine… Wow. One of the world’s most powerful regimes is finding out that they’re at a standstill and they can’t exert their force because the Ukrainians have decided not to lie down… They’re not gonna give up.

“And there’s a good chance Russia’s gonna get their pants handed to them — perhaps not in a nuclear way, not militarily, but everybody there’s gonna have to fight door to door, building to building. They’re not gonna win.”

On March 1, Gene Simmons had once again slammed Russian president Vladimir Putin after he accused Ukraine president Zelensky of being a Nazi is stunning.

“The outright lie from Mr Putin accusing @Ukraine PM Zelensky of being a Nazi is stunning, considering that PM Zelensky is actually Jewish and lost his entire family to Nazi Germany during WWII,” he tweeted.

In addition to that, through his Twitter, Simmons had once again shared a supportive message for Ukraine on February 27. Sending his prayers to Ukraine people, Simmons had described them as brave people.

“Our prayers and support go out to the brave people of @Ukraine,” Simmons tweeted. “Former Ukraine president confirms the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ is real!”

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