July 25, 1983: Metallica released their debut album Kill ‘Em All

It is very rare situation that the first albums are decisive for the bands. Metallica used it very well. The album Kill’ Em All, released 36 years ago, continues to inspire new generations.

Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett told Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All in full detail to Metal Hammer.

Lars Ulrich said:

When I look back, I can certainly say that at that time we were pure, ignorant and somewhat unconcerned young people. Returning to the times of Kill `Em All can be confusing. When I looked at the last few months, I understood something. Now we talk a lot on top to do something. Kill ‘Em All while we produced non-stop, did not think long. We just did it.

Kirk Hammett, who joined the band two months before the release of the album, has a big share in bringing the band to these days.

Kirk Hammett also told Metal Hammer:

We were a little arrogant with the excitement of being young. Usually after the first album you will be tired, but our energy has increased. We’ve been doing things in a musical sense. We have brought new soil to the metal and we were the first to be there. We knew better than anyone what to do here.

In those days, Lars described Metallica differently than anyone else. When people said ”hungry” and ”ambitious”, Lars said ”certain” and ”determined”.

The question was asked by Metal Hammer, ”Do you miss the tempo of those days?

Lars answered:

I don’t know. Now I have more to deal with. There’s 24 hours a day. 6 hours with Metallica, the remaining hours go to other things. I have a lot to deal with for 18. In fact, the pace of life does not fall, on the contrary accelerates.


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