Kirk Hammett Shared a Special Photo About Metallica

As you know, Metallica’s lead guitarist and songwriter Kirk Hammett, who wrote the name in history with golden letters, joined Metallica on April 11, 1983. He didn’t forget his special day and celebrated his birthday in Metallica through social media accounts.

He wrote: “36 years ago it was my Metallica Birthday. I believe this was taken the night after my first Met show, in the parking lot of ROCK&ROLL HEAVEN in NJ, April 1983. I remember I got the call
April 1st – April Fool’s joke? I thought. But no. I flew out to meet them in Jamaica, Queens. And our first show was April 16th – in Dover
So this pic was taken April 17th I think.
Photo cred to Trace Rayfield by way of Umlaut.
Cliff and I had already bonded over horror movies and Lovecraft by that point!”

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