Jonathan Davis Speaks On New Korn Single: “It’s The Rebirth Of The Band”

Jonathan Davis Speaks On New Korn Single: "It's The Rebirth Of The Band"

In a new chat with Carlota from Audacy Check In, Korn singer Jonathan Davis has discussed the band’s first single Start The Healing from the upcoming album, Requiem, and admitted that the music video of the song is the rebirth of Korn.

Jonathan Davis is known for being the lead vocalist of the rock band Korn. Joining the band in 1993, as the same year with the band’s forming, Jonathan Davis performed in every one of Korn albums. Debuted with the band’s self-titled Korn, Davis had released the band’s thirteenth studio effort in 2019, titled The Nothing.

On the other hand, Korn is a band formed in California in 1993. During its nearly 30-year career at press time, Korn‘s discography includes 13 studio albums, 3 live albums, 8 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 50 music videos, 7 video albums, and many more things.

For a while, Korn has been preparing to release its fourteenth album, Requiem, which will be released on February 4, 2022. On November 11, the band published the official music video for the album’s first single, Start The Healing.

Recently, the band’s singer Jonathan Davis has opened up about what the new music video means for the band. When the interviewer said, “I really enjoyed the video I watched that. Tell me about the imagery and the idea behind the video,” Jonathan Davis said it’s the rebirth of Korn.

“Honestly, I loved the imagery, and that’s… you know, you have to talk to Tim [Saccenti, producer], the director where he’s going with,” Jonathan Davis said (as transcribed by

“It was like, it’s the rebirth of Korn, and all the crazy babies, all that stuff going on…”

Jonathan Davis Adds It’s A New Chapter For Korn

In the continuation of his words, Jonathan Davis also said that the band’s new music video is like a new chapter for their career. He concluded his words by expressing his pride in his band for making music after all those years.

“For videos, we pretty much, like, since day one, we’ve left the videos to the directors, that’s what they do – we make music,” he continues.

“So it’s how they interpret the song and present it. We go, ‘Yeah, that would be cool, and we do it.’

“But it’s a different vibe for us. [The] whole thing is like a new chapter in our career. I mean, I’m just happy [that], after 27 years, we’re still making records and putting out stuff that we’re really proud of.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Jonathan Davis compared the upcoming effort to the band’s previous material. Saying that they’ve been evolving themselves, the singer admitted that it was one of the best album experiences he’s ever had.

“We’re always constantly evolving,” he says. “There’s still our core sound there. But this time we did this, we had the luxury, we were on a forced timeout; we had all the time in the world.

“Every single Korn record I’ve ever done, the band gets all the time in the world to get their stuff done, and the way I write and do my thing, I have to have the music all done and then I can do what I do.

“And they always book some tour, and it’s coming up, and I’m always hurrying and rushing to try and get it done. So this time, we had time. We came together. We’d do it in blocks — a week block, and write a week, and then be off. [We’d do that] once a month.

“I think we did three or four sessions and got the record recorded. It took me four or five months to do vocals.

“But overall, we’re really, really proud of it. We produced it with Chris Collier, who’s really good. And it was one of the best album experiences I’ve had.”

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