Jimmy Page Remembers The Longest Show He Played With Led Zeppelin

The 76-year-old musician Jimmy Page, known for his Led Zeppelin career, has just added a new story to his official ‘OnThisDay’ series and remembered the longest show he played with Led Zeppelin.

With the social media post he shared, Jimmy Page took fans back to the band’s 1972 show, which held in New York.

Jimmy Page remembered that day with the following words: “On this day in 1972, I played with Led Zeppelin at Nassau Coliseum in New York. I believe we would have played this venue because there were Union issues at Madison Square Garden at this time. ⁣

“This is reputed to be Led Zeppelin’s longest show; coming in at four and a half hours. If that’s correct, there may well have been some Union issues at the Nassau Coliseum that night!⁣”

Many followers thanked Jimmy Page for the stories he shared every day.

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  1. My sister’s friend Donna’s mother went to this show. I was 13, so she seemed ancient. The day after she was a golden teenager all over again. The audience broke the barrier at the front of the house or the audience collapsed the stage because they were pushing so hard.

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