Jimmy Page Recalls One Of The Rarest Shows He Played With Led Zeppelin

The English musician Jimmy Page, best known as the guitarist of the English rock band Led Zeppelin, has just posted a new photo through his social media account and added a new story on his classic “OnThisDay” series.

This time, Jimmy took his fans back to 1973 and recalled the Lyon show he played with Led Zeppelin.

“On this day in 1973, Led Zeppelin played in Lyon, France,” he said. “By this point in time, the French had become quite passionate about seeing their music for free and we had cut the French tour short due to nil security at the concerts and a fighting rabble inside the building.⁣”

He added: “However, we’d been cajoled into playing this as our last date of the French tour. It was so chaotic getting into the building and, although the audience were really enthusiastic, the whole of this episode had left such a sour taste that we didn’t play in France again with Led Zeppelin until Paris in the 1980 tour.⁣”

In the comments of the photo, many fans congratulated Jimmy Page for his stories and said that this what he did was very rare at this time. Also, the fans expressed that they enjoyed the stories and were happy that a new one was added every day.

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