Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith Admits It’s Quite Hard To Work With Steve Harris

Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith Admits It's Quite Hard To Work With Steve Harris

In a new interview with Guitar World, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has discussed his band’s latest studio effort Senjutsu and revealed how it was like to work with his bandmate Steve Harris during the album.

Iron Maiden is a heavy metal band formed in East London in 1975. The band’s forming member was the band’s bassist Steve Harris. At press time, Iron Maiden released 17 studio albums, 4 EPs, 7 compilation albums, 13 live albums, 40 music videos, 46 singles, 5 box sets, and 20 video albums during its ongoing career.

Selling more than 200 million albums worldwide, Iron Maiden debuted in 1980 with its self-titled studio album. The band’s latest and seventeenth effort was released in 2021, titled Senjutsu, which consist of ten tracks in total.

However, during a recent online interview, the guitarist Adrian Smith has opened up about how the band recorded the album. Touching on each track of the album, Smith has also mentioned his bandmate, Steve Harris. Discussing the album’s Death Of The Celts, Smith admitted that it’s hard to work with Harris.

“It’s funny – Steve will have these ideas and then look at me, Dave or Janick,” he says.

“The ideas are usually quite complicated, so sometimes you might see guitarists hiding away behind their amps, waiting for the others to take up the gauntlet and learn these super-complicated parts!

“But we all do our bit. It takes a lot of concentration to play Steve’s stuff. Honestly, it can be quite a challenge.”

Smith Reveals How Steve Harris Affects Iron Maiden Sound

When the musician mentioned Lost In A Lost World from the album, he praised Steve Harris and revealed his effects on his band Iron Maiden. Saying that he has a different side to look at the stuff, Smith explained what Harris’s been doing for the band.

“Steve has a very different take on things, which for the most part is a real strength – because it makes us sound different to anything else,” Smith reveals.

“He’s got a knack for these time changes, and sometimes they’re hard to get your head around, but having worked with him for many years, I can almost anticipate where he’s going to go.

“I think we all can. That’s the beauty of having a band that have played together all these years.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Adrian has also touched on the album’s self-titled track, Senjutsu. Explaining where the band influenced to decide to put the name, Smith told how Iron Maiden did the track.

“The title track was inspired by Japanese drums,” Smith explains. “We put my demo up on Pro Tools and Nicko [McBrain, drummer] played along to it. Then we took the digital drums out and added guitars.

“We got the drum and guitar track ready to go first. I had a couple of melodies and because of the Eastern nature of it, Steve [Harris, bassist] suggested a battle scene – an army trying to scale the walls of a city. Full-on drama!”

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  1. Steve Harris is extremely particular that’s because this is his band and he has certain ways he wants Iron Maiden to sound which is unique and distinct.

  2. Why don’t Steve Harris play all instruments then?!?!?! And call it The Steve Harris Band!!!2

  3. Because Harris can’t. That is why Iron Maiden is a band. He needs the musicians to do their thing just to make it happens the way Harris have im mind ! Like a director of a movie and then the actors and their scripts.

  4. Adrian Smith is hands down, best guitarist and song writer out there. I’m glad he came back to Iron Maiden it’s just not the same. Yes, Bruce is the man, but he needed to get Adrian back to come back into the band . Adrian is a pop star, country cowboy and heavy metal guitar hero that will get everyone to listen to Iron Maiden. Bruce will sing and run like crazy because he can, energy that runs the beast. Steve is the man in and around feeding us with his fortune and fame. I dread the day I can’t listen to Iron Maiden . Take my soul , it’s willing to fly away.

  5. Iron Maiden Holdings has 6 board members . Its.Not Steve’s Band. Must be honest here. I have been listening toaiden since 1980. Amd they have produced some azimg stuff. Bit recently.Bruce has been struggling with vocals..I know he’s had his struggles with throat cancer over the years but the style of.musoc Maidem play does.not fair too well for Bruce’s.ageimg vocals. He also has a strange pronunciation with his S,s which suggests he is now wearing dentures . This case across in his singing now quite.noticable. I think aybe it’s time for Maiden to quit gracefully .

  6. Okay so for everyone else reading Steve has helped this band get to where it needs to be and yet people think its because he can act this way look hes the reason we have so many bangers from Iron maiden why they are still going they aren’t talking shit on this article and to see so many people trying to turn on Steve he demands perfection from the band like we do from maiden you all need to stop bringing drama to maiden or gtfo. Imagine how much yall would hate music if they quit over shit like this. Stfu and enjoy music dumbasses

  7. Those fans who can not see the growth of Maiden , And how awesome it is that this line-up is getting better buy the year . Should maybe just quit posing so as to just pay attention some more . Thin you will have a reason to be a fan. Wine, whiskey, and Iron Maiden. Mr. Harris , please keep doing what you do .

  8. Who is the jackass that craeted this shitstirring headline? The headline makes it sound like they were at each others throats. That isnt what the article said. Was the writer of the headline Shawn Hannity?

  9. Doesn’t any true maiden fan remember Dave with out a shirt playing phantom. I think it was at the Ruskin arms. His solo was the true maiden sound. Let’s not forget Dennis. Up the irons

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