Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale To Arejay Hale: “Thank You For Being My Rock”

The world-known American rock band Halestorm legend Lzzy Hale has just updated her social media account with a special photo featuring her brother Arejay Hale, also known as the drummer of Halestorm, and celebrated his 34th birthday.

In the special letter shared by Lzzy Hale, she mentioned how great brother Arejay is. She thanked him for sharing the same scene with her. Lzzy has also offered her gratitude to Arejay for always supporting her and making her laugh even at the worst moment.

She posted the photo with following special letter: “Happy Birthday to my brother @arejayhale. Thirty-Two years ago you came into this world one month premature. It’s the April Fools Day prank that can never be topped!”

She continued: “Thank you for starting this crazy band with me, and seeing it through with me for over 23 years. But even more importantly, thank you for being my rock. You’ve always been there to pull me out of the quicksand, and for somehow knowing exactly what to say to make me laugh when I start to spiral out into darkness. You are part Alien part Wise Old Owl.

“You never deny your inner child and you wear your brightest colors on the outside for the world to see. In a world where everyone is trying to fit neatly and quietly inside the coloring box, you dump that fucker out, melt em all down and create your own damn crayons! I’m so proud of you too! You are the most legendary rockstar drummer of our generation…both on and off the drum kit!”

The photo attracted great interest by fans who saw it. In the comments of the photo, hey sent their good wishes and birthday celebrations’ to Arejay. They thanked him for being a part of Halestorm.

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