Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Reacts The Ignorant People For Coronavirus: “Go Lick Your Toilet Seat”

The coronavirus, which has been in our lives for about a month and threatens people with its fatality, is on the agenda of the world and continues to take lives. The people should be extremely careful about the coronavirus and listen to the warnings of the experts.

One of the successful female musicians in rock n roll community, Lzzy Hale, best known as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of the world-known rock band Halestorm, has just updated her official social media account with a statement about coronavirus and reacted the people who did not know what to do.

You can read the statement shared by Lzzy Hale below.

“Dear fellow musicians and concert goers, I understand your need for live music, I understand your need to perform on stage. I’m with you, I have that same primal need, especially in these tough and confusing times. But… It is extremely irresponsible to promote or participate in large gatherings at this time. The whole ‘you can’t scare us’ mentality is ridiculous.

“The virus is not a terrorist, and it will not be discouraged or impressed by your bravery. This is a pandemic. And by encouraging or attending large gatherings of people you are contributing to the deaths of people who do not have healthy immune systems to fight it. This is someones grand parent, someones child, someones sibling, someones mom, dad, or someones friend.

“Be thankful if your only hardship in this whole thing is that you’re bored, or have to pinch pennies for a while until this blows over. Because there are people right now that you don’t know, and even some that you do know that are fighting to remain healthy and LIVE through all of this. Don’t be part of the problem. Go lick your toilet seat if you want to prove how ‘unafraid’ you are of viruses…then go be creative, write a song, write a book, practice your instrument, perform via insta live, discover new music, learn a new skill, watch movies, play card games etc.

“We are extremely fortunate to live in the age of the internet, where we are able to be social, connect, encourage each other, and keep the ball somewhat rolling until things settle down. It’s important to remember that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

“We must act as one human race by putting aside our pride, our egos, our frivolous wants, and petty differences.

“Respect your fellow human. Stay Home, and we’ll get through this the way our species has for billions of years.

“And look forward to when we reach the end of this crisis… OH WHAT A PARTY IT WILL BE! See you all on the other side!”

The statement was supported by followers and fans of Lzzy Hale, and they expressed in the comments of the photo that they agreed with her.

Also, due to the coronavirus threatening, Green Day, Alice Cooper, Sepultura, Sebastian Bach, Tool, and more have delayed or canceled concerts as a precaution.

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