Guns N’ Roses Legend Axl Rose’s Rare Stage Photo Revealed

The 35-year rock band Guns N’ Roses has just updated its official social media account with the band’s legendary singer Axl Rose‘s rare-known stage photo and excited the fans.

In the photo taken at National Industrial Transportation League in 2016, Axl Rose was singing while sitting on the stage. Guns N’ Roses asked his fans to guess which song Axl Rose was singing.

“2016 #NITL. Name that tune,” Guns N’ Roses wrote in the caption of the photo.

Many fans wrote their guess in the comments of the photo. But, a fan named Andrew Ross Grigson showed how tight Guns N’ Roses fan he is and wrote the song name with its lyrics. He wrote:

“’Sit here in the steps cause I’d rather be alone…’ Patience.”

You can see the photo shared by Guns N’ Roses below.

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