Gary Holt Remembers The Final Show Slayer Played

The successful guitarist Gary Holt, also known as with his effort in the American thrash metal band Slayer between 2011-2019, has just shared a new post on his official social media account and remembered the final show Slayer played.

In the photo, Gary Holt was wearing his iconic “Kill The Kardashians” t-shirt and was rocking the crowd with his red detailed ESP guitar.

“A little flashback to the final ever Slayer show,” Gary Holt wrote in the caption of the photo. “What an epic show, makes me realize how much I miss going to see live music. Nice shot of the Jeff guitar, not sure who took this.”

Slayer has played its final show at The Forum in Los Angeles on November 30, 2019. The band played 100 shows around the world under the name of The Final World Tour, which kicked off on May 10, 2018and concluded on November 30, 2019.

Also, in November 2019, Rick Sales, the longtime manager of Slayer, has talked about the band’s future and revealed that according to the members’ decision, it meant only the end of the tour, not the end of the band.

You can find the post shared by Gary Holt below.

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