Deep Purple’s Ian Paice Reveals A Rare-Known Truth About His Drum Style

The 52-year rock band Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice has just appeared in an online podcast he made recently and answered the questions sent by fans.

During the podcast, the successful artist was asked a question about his playing style and asked to explain that if he ever needs to have double bass drums. Ian’s answer to a fan’s question is as follows:

“Not really. The only time I ever really did it was on Fireball because it added something to the track. The way the riff rolled along, it needed that power of two kicks.

“When I was growing up, the only guy who actually used two bass drums that I knew about was the wonderful Louie Bellson, and even he had not really what you’d call mastered it. There are some wonderful young drummers around these days who’ve got the two-bass-drum thing down to an incredibly fine art, but I’ve always preferred to have to think in patterns.

“Sometimes, with the bass drums, it’s not where you put the note, it’s where you don’t put the note, and that makes it work.

“Thank you for the question, and there’s your answer.”

Ian Paice rocks the stage with Deep Purple as a drummer since the band’s first days.

One of the legendary rock bands in music history, Deep Purple, preparing to release its twenty-first full-length studio album “Whoosh!” on August 7.

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