Exodus/Slayer Guitarist Gary Holt Reveals Unheard Facts About His Coronavirus Process

The 55-year-old guitarist Gary Holt, best known with his careers on Slayer and Exodus, talked on “No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn” and revealed the unheard facts about his coronavirus process, who announced on his social media accounts that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Although he is the only member of Exodus who the confirmed case of the coronavirus, Gary Holt believes that his bandmates might have also been infected.

When he talks on the issue, he stated that he was pretty sick and that it was something beyond the flu.

“Who knows how many people were asymptomatic? We don’t know. The whole band could have been walking along with it. I’m the only one that got sick.”

He continued: “I was pretty sick. I didn’t get out of bed. All I did was sleep for a couple of weeks. It felt like having a really nasty flu, but it lasted a little bit longer, maybe… I’m lucky. I’ve had the flu before, and that sucked too, and this was kind of on the same level.”

According to Gary Holt, while he waiting for the coronavirus test results, he stated that he lost 16 pounds during this period and that this was not his own choice.


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