Anthrax Star Makes Ambitious Comments About TOOL: “They’re New Rush”

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante spoke to Revolver’s “The Last Show” and recalled the moments he lived before the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. In the interview, the successful drummer made ambitious comments about the Los Angeles-based rock band TOOL and praised them.

When he was asked what he doing before the whole thing started, Charlie stated that he went to Chicago with his girlfriend Carla Davey, the vocalist of the heavy metal band Butcher Babies, and his daughter to see TOOL.

“The last show that I went to before this whole pandemic thing happened was Tool. I went to see them here in Chicago.

“It was with my girlfriend, Carla, and my daughter Mia came, and we met some friends there. And I fucking enjoyed it, I thought they were awesome.”

While he continues to his words, Charlie stated with certainty that the TOOL is the new Rush.

“You know, that band, to me, is… like the new Rush. And not that Tool are new or anything, but – when I think back to Rush and the songs and just the musicianship and just the vibe that they had, I feel like Tool have that now, and I just – I just love them.

“They played songs that I wanted to hear, and I just fuckin’ enjoyed it. I didn’t know that was gonna be the last show that I would see for the year or however long this is gonna be but yeah, that was it.”

Charlie Benante rocking the Anthrax fans since 1983 as a drummer of the band.


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